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Forum Access

Postby Alyssia » 13 Aug 2016, 13:35

If you require forum access beyond public access please contact either Ashtrai or Alyssia ingame or via pm here on the forum and we will sort it for you.

There are several degrees of forum access:
- Public access: Everyone has this.
- Spammer's access: Gives you access to our Off Topic (Spammer's forums), these are forum permissions for former members, friends ranks, friends of members or others who wish access and have some connection to the guild or a member of the guild.
- Raider's access: For raiders only, assigned according to ingame rank as raider or tryout. If you have applied and been accepted into the guild as a tryout and have not yet received access to the raider's section of the forum then give us a nudge and we will sort it for you. If you are not a raider or a tryout in the guild you are not eligible for raider's access. Raider's access is not retained if you stop being a raider, you will however be given Spammer's access if you wish.

Officer's and GM's access goes with the ingame ranks and will be assigned accordingly.
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