Hi folks. Latiøs (fairly long) Reason for dissappearance.

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Hi folks. Latiøs (fairly long) Reason for dissappearance.

Postby Latis » 12 Mar 2014, 19:32

Hey fifth sin and all other

Currently i cant log in with my main account so i'll just make it here, on why i disappeared from the game and you didnt hear a word from me wich was not intentionally to clear that up.

The last words I said 2 days before the raiding started up again I was online and i said something like "if my parents dont kill me before" and then i logged off, and there was something in those words that was true, and also the main reason for why i didnt show up, I think i've said a few times in the guild earlier that i had issues, and that i walked to the phsycologist and all that bullshit, and that kinda escalated over christmas and the more that happened I didnt have time to sit on the internet since there was so much bullshit going on.

so the story goes, I have a dad that think i have serious issues, and I am playing the game of "dodge the pshyco institutes" i dont recommend this game to anyone because its the worst game i've played EVER. it goes like this: Your dad tries all he can to get you in on one of those institutes because you like to play videogames, and you try to get away from it (this could probably be quite descent as a game who knows!)

so for the last few months i have worked with my pshycologist to start with school again, and get my life on the right path, because i was seriously off track (wich probably reflected in my gameplay) as i took the game too seriously, I expected everyone to do their best because I did my best (alyssia knows this for sure) and I didnt manage to enjoy the game literally because i took it too seriously. not the reason for going away from the game tho! but it probably was for the best but i should've said something.

But now that i have time, I am looking forward to WOD again, and i have found the gaming kid inside me and i can enjoy games again. but i just wanted to clear up for the reason I left the game and didnt leave a word. it simply because things escalated so quickly, and from one moment to another i didnt have time. so sorry guys for just leaving, will probably re-sub to the game next week to get back into the game.

how ever, wether Latiøs is still in the guild or not, i wanted to leave a reason for my disappearance.
hope everything's fine with you all! :)

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Re: Hi folks. Latiøs (fairly long) Reason for dissappearance

Postby Alyssia » 13 Mar 2014, 07:25

Oki m8, your character is still in the guild as FR. Sounds like you had a lot going on indeed.
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