just poppin in to say hi ^_^

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just poppin in to say hi ^_^

Postby Sylvannas » 30 Jan 2014, 22:55

Hey guys...

big was my amazement when I logged in today into wow to find the guild dead, I was like: "wtf... this can't be true, Fifth Sin disbanded?"... then I noticed the news about moving... well, the odd part actually was that I couldn't seem to find any of the members on armory, neither on outland nor on draenor.

was nice to see tho when I logged here that things are going well, hope you kick arse there as we used to do on oultand back in the old days, lol.

anyway, if I ever decide getting back to WoW (loads and loads of odd stuff have seen my eyes today when I logged, lol), I suppose I am gonna pop there at least to say "hi", hehe...

best regards and keep on trolling xD

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Re: just poppin in to say hi ^_^

Postby AshTrai » 31 Jan 2014, 15:05

heh, sup

we used to have an auto-generated GMOTD with a link to move across and still be in fifth sin when u joined draenor but i edited the GMOTD and it broke the link :(
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Re: just poppin in to say hi ^_^

Postby Tharkun » 31 Jan 2014, 23:39

It because you're a mong.

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Hightous wrote:Nice app! SWEDEN! He missed the "What are you good at" question tho but other than that he seams like a good player.

That question automatically blanks out when it detects swedes, as it knows anything written there would be a lie :P

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Re: just poppin in to say hi ^_^

Postby Alyssia » 31 Jan 2014, 23:58

Hey m8, long time no see. You should make a chat on draenor so you can try out WoD when it comes out :)
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